Tubes, pipes, reductions and special preformed

The strong experience in the food and wine industry, characterized by the extensive use of stainless steel, due to its mechanical and hygienic properties, enabled Coifer to acquire a great expertise in the processing of this material. We can now supply top Italian quality preformed sheet metal cladding made of stainless steel AISI 304 with a chemical analysis certificate from the steel works, as well as products fabricated in other alloyed materials.

We are able to work with any diameter pipe work you may have as well as with any particular geometry such as bends, tees, concentric/eccentric reductions, valves/flanges boxes and end caps. This list is not comprehensive, for any special needs contact our technical office.

Our metal processing methods, allow us to offer the metal cladding without burrs or burns. We offer different surfaces finish options: 2B, BA, satin brush finish, foiled finish, scotch-brite, super mirror finish, and rigidized finish.
On request an external protection in PVC is available.


Preformed pipes for cladding insulation

Prefabricated in steel or in aluminium, our preformed pipes are characterized by (an) easy and quick assembly. Their male/female head edges ensure a total protection of the covered insulating materials from shock and water penetration for an effective and lasting thermal insulation.

  • Tube length 1000 mm 
  • Stand holes n° 5/7
  • Longitudinal edge
  • Male/female head edges

Bends at 90°/45°/30°

Preformed bends made by Coifer Italy

Our ready to assemble bends are prefabricated in various widths and sectors which guarantee a uniform coverage of all bends of any degree.

  • Standard radius 1,5/Ø
  • Mitre sector
  • Male/female edging
  • Standrd holes n°2/Sectors

Tees at 90°/45°/30°

Preformed tees for insulating
  • Short section height 100 mm
  • Female edge outwards
  • Standard holes n°2 / Piece

Concentric & Eccentric reductions

Preformed adaptor for cladding
  • Standard height 100 mm
  • Standard holes n°2 / Piece

End caps

Preformed end caps
  • Flat caps in 2-halves
  • Conical caps height 50 mm
  • Blind caps
  • Standard holes n°2 / Piece

Technical Characteristics

The best coils available on the market, become preformed sheet metal cladding through our cutting-machine. After a meticulous visual inspection, they are machined in our factory in order to become pipes, bends of different radius, tees, reductions and end caps.


  • STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 1st choice with chemical analysis certificate from the steel work.


  • Mechanic cutting without burrs or burns.
  • Fixing holes Ø 3,2.
  • Calendering and edges suitable for an easy assembly.


  • UPON REQUEST: satin brush finish, scotch-brite finish, deco finish, super mirror finish, rigidized finish.


  • External protection in 80 micron Black/White PVC.
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 L.
  • Thickness 0,6/0,8 mm.
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    Skilled labour trained in technological innovation and safety, the best steel and aluminium suppliers, high quality certified insulating materials and our new fully automated cutting lines are the strengths of Coifer srl. From our leadership status in industrial thermal insulation projects on turnkey basis, in a perspective of diversification of our business, we propose ourselves today as your trusted partner for the sole supply of insulating materials and preformed sheet metal cladding.